New stuff!

I ordered a bunch of parts and they all arrived today.

Xbee nRf24L01+ Pi breakout cables

So what do we have.

1 XBee Module: This is to allow me to start testing some multi-device stuff in the home automation system I am building.

3 nRF24L01+ modules: I am going to experiment with these to see how viable they are as an alternative to the XBee modules. I’ve done some looking around and they seem pretty popular, they are a little trickier to use than the XBees but they are 1/10th of the price at about £2!

2 Raspberry Pi GPIO breakout cables: One of these will get used when experimenting with the above nRF24L01+ modules, the other will probably just be kept for whenever I might need it.

Time to solder some bits together and have a tinker with them.

Look out for posts about how I get on with these new bits.


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