A new hope

So this is my new blog.

Will it last any longer than my old one, I hope so. The idea is for it to flourish into a treasure trove of technical content around things I do and discover in both my career and my hobbies. Things that are likely to be featured include; Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python and other general Linux stuff.

Where did the blog name come from you ask. We my name is Reuben so that part is fairly obvious. The guru part…well I’m not big headed enough to call myself a guru, that part has a little story behind it. In December 2013 I moved jobs, after 4 years at my old job I had obviously made some good friends. As a leaving gift they decided to buy me the reuben.guru domain, probably as joke but I like to think that it was at least partially down to my centralised role keeping that teams infrastructure plodding along. Either way, I have a personalised domain and might as well use it.


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